Letter To Congress

Letter to Congress Template Feel Free to copy and paste to an email:


Congresspersons Address

Dear Representative/Senator,

My name is (Insert Your Name) and I reside in
(Insert Your City and State). I am ( very breifly explain who you are)

As a constituent, I urge you to support/vote against (list bill or name of legislation/ topic of concern).

This issue is important because:

Here are some specific facts to help illustrate my point.

Fact 1:

Fact 2:

Fact 3:

Your support/vote against is critical because your constituents will/have/ have not benefited from this (bill/ name of legislation/ topic of concern) My story that pertains to this topic is:

I would like to request a written response on this issue and my contact information is attached to this message. Thank you for your service and your consideration in this matter.


Your Name

Title if Applicable

Your Street Address

Your City, State Zip

Your Phone Number

Your Email Address


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